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Lukashenko said to fire striking workers

Lukashenko said to fire striking workers

The main thing for the President of Belarus is for the economy to work

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that the workers participating in the protests due to rigging in the last elections in Belarus should be fired. He stated this on the air of one of the TV channels.

“I repeat once again: do not persuade anyone. Everyone understands what is happening. The number at MTZ, MAZ, BelAZ is everywhere. Let them go. But after this there should be no place for them at the factories, “he said.

Lukashenko also stressed that the main thing for the country is for the economy to work.

“If the economy works, I repeat for the hundredth time: we are not afraid of any political squabbles and games. Our opponents understand this too. Therefore, they set out to sway the situation in labor collectives,” he said.

The President of Belarus also called the strikes “a stab in the back.”

“What kind of approaches are these? The president, the government, we all struggle to have at least some normal, more or less salary at this difficult time. Enterprises are working, we are providing enormous assistance to these enterprises. And what? A knife in the back?” — he said.

At the same time, employees of the largest TV channels in Belarus announced against the backdrop of mass protests that they would make a decision to suspend work. So, on August 17, a meeting of the collective of the Belarusian television will take place, at which a decision will be made.

Meanwhile, in front of the building of the two largest state TV channels, Belarus 1 and ONT, protests are taking place, which has gathered hundreds of people.

Earlier, Lukashenko, commenting on the protests in the country, appealed to people not to go out into the streets, calling the protesters “cannon fodder."

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