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Stranded off the coast of Mauritius, the Wakashio splits in two

Stranded off the coast of Mauritius, the Wakashio splits in two

The Wakashio, which ran aground off the South-Eastern tip of Mauritius on July 25, actually split in half in the middle of the day on Saturday. This was reported by the newspaper “Moricien”.

“Tugs have already picked up the bow of the ship and started transporting it to a remote part of the ocean, where it will be flooded,” said Alain Donat, head of the Department of Maritime Affairs. “This will happen at least 1 thousand kilometers from Mauritius.” The aft part still remains on the reef.

The ship broke up at 15: 40 when there were a lot of people on the embankment. A large number of photos have been posted on social networks showing how the accident occurred.

The Wakashio cargo ship with 4,000 tons of petroleum products on Board ran aground on July 25 on a coastal reef near the famous Blue Bay marine reserve. From the hole formed on August 5, about 1 thousand tons of oil products spilled out, which caused the first such environmental disaster in the country's history.

The government of Mauritius declared an environmental emergency on August 6 and requested urgent assistance from the UN, including the dispatch of specialists and equipment to extract petroleum products from seawater.

Rescuers managed to pump out almost 2.5 thousand tanks from Wakashio by August 12. Tons of fuel oil, but they could not reach 207 tons of diesel and 90 tons of lubricating oil. Now, these oil products are being poured into the open sea.

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