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Windows 10 will show users what has changed after installing updates

Windows 10 will show users what has changed after installing updates

The most significant update is the appearance of the “Tips” application, whose main purpose is to notify the user of changes that were made to the system during the installation of any update.

Microsoft released the next pre-build of Windows 10 under the number 20190. It can be installed by participants of the insider program in early access (Dev Channel). In addition to a number of innovations, this version of the platform contains a set of fixes and improvements aimed at improving the stability of the OS.

As for innovations, the most significant of them is the appearance of the “Tips” application, the main purpose of which is to notify the user of changes that have been made to the system during the installation of any update. The developers believe that adding this tool will help users get information about real changes in the system, many of which are often difficult to see visually and without hints.

“We know that users do not always understand what has changed in the system after installing the update, as well as how to find and experience the new features and improvements. Because of this, updates may seem useless and time-consuming to you, and we want to change that, “ Microsoft said in a statement. After installing this version of Windows 10, users will be shown the Tips app, which will appear on the desktop and provide information about new features that have appeared in recent early versions of OS builds.

Another change concerns the expansion of options in terms of graphics settings. Now users can independently determine which video adapter should be used by default when running high-performance applications. You can also select a specific video adapter for each installed application. This feature is implemented by adding a new option “Specific GPU”, which allows you to specify which video card should be used when launching an application.

Less significant changes affect different components of the operating system. For example, the developers have fixed a problem that in some cases led to the fact that after coming out of sleep mode on devices with touch input support, the user stopped responding to requests explorer.exe. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a locked window to appear after starting “Screen announcer”, requiring re-authorization in the system. For a full list of changes, see the official developers blog.

We remind you that after updating Windows 10, saved passwords disappear from the system.

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