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Suicide of Europe

“70 Jews who gathered on October 9 in a synagogue in East Germany miraculously escaped death at the hands of a right-wing extremist.” This headline was accompanied by an article by Deutsche Welle about a recent act of national hatred. A young German with chauvinistic views decided to put them into practice by shelling a synagogue in Halle. Moreover, the case of Stefan B. and the method of his actions is by no means a new phenomenon for Europe.

The 27-year-old man in a helmet equipped with a video camera broadcasted his crime online, calmly explaining his motives. The police disarmed and detained the terrorist, and his “feat” launched the usual reaction in such cases. Politicians hastened to express their solidarity with the victims and stated that they would punish and suppress such phenomena in order to prevent such crimes in the future. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who visited the synagogue, said: “It is not enough to condemn the crime. Everyone should realize that the state takes responsibility for Jewish life, for the safety of Jewish life in Germany. ” However, the young extremist attacked not only the synagogue but also the diner selling shawarma. He released the line from the machine, shouting: “Eat, kanaka" (this is a derogatory word by which the Germans call the representatives of the Turkish minority).

The media focused on the anti-Semitic aspect of the incident, but the extremist seemed to be hostile to all strangers. The killing of Muslims was also supposed to be an act of demonstration of hatred. Surprisingly, the Islamic Diaspora in Germany is no less exposed to danger than the Jewish. In July of this year, the Muslim Coordinating Council, which includes the four largest Islamic organizations, formally requested the federal authorities in Berlin to provide them with assistance and protection. A spokeswoman for the Council said: “Muslims do not feel safe in Germany. Our existence, and, therefore, democracy, is in jeopardy. It is unacceptable”. This reaction was triggered by dozens of anonymous messages threatening to set fire to Muslim religious buildings. It was, in particular, about the largest mosque in the country, located in Cologne.

But what about France, which, perhaps, faced with all the threats associated with ethnic conflicts? Their eerie symbol was the 80-year-old Jewess, who was stabbed to death and then set on fire by young Muslims. This monstrous crime is shocking all the more because in childhood a woman managed to miraculously survive the Holocaust. A year earlier, a Muslim beat and then threw out his elderly Jewish neighbor from a window. Both killings shocked France and the local Jewish diaspora, which numbers about a million people, that within a year 20 thousand French Jews decided to move to Israel. Meanwhile, the Paris prosecutor's office took six months to establish that the crimes were committed on the basis of ethnic hatred. They were based on anti-Semitism or, rather, anti-Zionism, disagreement with the policies of the state of Israel towards the Palestinians.

A complete surprise was the surge of crime motivated by national hostility in Sweden, considered a bastion of tolerance and a place where all migrants can receive a warm welcome. Meanwhile, since 2017, radical youth have been activated there, who, under the banner of protecting the Scandinavian lifestyle, are attacking refugee camps. Great Britain differs little from Sweden in this regard, which for many years pursued a policy that favored the relocation of the inhabitants of the former colonies of the crown to the country. Especially surprising are the manifestations of xenophobia in relation to diasporas, whose culture is close to Anglo-Saxon civilization. Just look at the Lithuanian, Romanian and especially the Polish press to find out who are the victims of the radicals. Hatred of our fellow tribesmen (though having a social and economic background) results in less than a month, and more often than a week, for news agencies not to report attacks on Polish homes, companies, and crimes against Poles (from murders, beatings, street robberies, arson and destruction of property before being harassed on the Internet). A long list of changes turning European prosperity into racial hell closes the surge in crime in general. According to German police, visitors are increasingly committing criminal acts. The curve of their illegal activities creeps up. For example, immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, whose share in the German population is 2%, commit 17% of all crimes against life and property there.

New migrants hold the palm in theft, fraud, and rape, but ethnic organized crime has become the real scourge of Western Europe. Turks, Iraqis, Syrians, as well as Chechens (and other representatives of the peoples of the post-Soviet states), crushed the European criminal world, creating their own enclaves and dividing the illegal services market among themselves. Foreigners are particularly cruel and ruthless, which is manifested not only in settling accounts in their own circles. It is not surprising that policemen armed with machine guns on armored vehicles have become a common sight in European capitals such as Paris, Brussels or Berlin.

What else can you expect if, as the well-known political scientist Alexander Rahr says, in the German capital everyone is accustomed to the daily shooting that goes beyond the ethnic ghettos into which certain areas have turned. Acts of violence, including those directed against native Berliners, take place on the streets of the entire city. In turn, Eurostat studies show that London overtook New York and Miami in the number of serious crimes.

And finally, the attacks. The statistics, however, say that since 2014 their number has decreased, but their scale and nature have changed. European left or separatist organizations of the 1970s used the method of individual terror against political and entrepreneurial elites. This gave experts an excuse to formulate the thesis that terrorists are primarily interested in hype, and not a large number of victims. Now another trend has appeared: the killers want to arrange a bloody slaughter in order to intimidate the European population. Terrified by the lack of basic security, it, in turn, should persuade its authorities to yield to the demands of the Islamists. Terror has acquired a religious, racist and, above all, fanatical guise.

The results of public surveys conducted in the western part of our continent are amazing. Indicators of ethnic, religious and racial intolerance fluctuate at the level of 70% in Germany, Sweden, and France. Police statistics show that intercultural crime has increased by 300%. The first is France, where the number of crimes against Jews alone increased from 6 thousand in 2012 to 15 thousand in 2018. Against this background, Poland with a few attacks on foreigners and representatives of other religions or ethnic incidents looks like an oasis of security and tolerance throughout the EU and even Europe.

European smart with a hind mind

Meanwhile, Europeans have only recently begun to realize the seriousness of the situation. Experts have long warned that the policy of multiculturalism went into a tailspin: it became the main cause of the multifaceted pan-European crisis. The influx of economic migrants in 2015-2017 was just another example and confirmation of how deplorable the situation is. The facts had to be recognized even by the most staunch advocates of a multicultural Europe concept. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said: “Yes, this is a mistake. Our democracy to a greater extent protects the identity of not the receiving side, but those who came to us. ” His successor Emmanuel Macron spoke in an even tougher tone: “If someone has come to France, he must integrate with our society. Otherwise, let him better not come at all. ”

The president pointed to the Muslims: “Our compatriots can practice their religions, provided that we are talking about French Islam, and not about Islam in France.” After a series of bloody terrorist attacks in Paris and attacks on members of the Jewish diaspora, Macron called for the mobilization of forces against the “hydra of Islamism” and stated that anti-Zionism would be prosecuted as severely as anti-Semitism. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron warned 10 years ago that his fellow tribesmen were fed up with multiculturalism, and when the calls had no effect, London turned from words to deeds: to Brexit. Chancellor Merkel at a meeting with German youth succinctly stated: “The experiment failed.” Despite this, in 2015 she let in a million immigrants to Europe, provoking a crisis that split the EU and was a blow that he still cannot recover from. Why?

What is multiculturalism?

To simplify, this is an ideology (and policy) aimed at supporting and strengthening cultural diversity within a single country or community. Proponents of multiculturalism argue that such an approach logically follows from tolerance in the broad sense of the word and respect for the right of every nation or ethnic group to identity. These people reject the concept of a “melting pot,” in which various elements are transformed into homogeneous steel, which is considered out of fashion, for example, US policy, integrating millions of immigrants from different continents and creating the American people based on universal values of democracy and the free market. The Melting Pot released unbelievable energy and creativity of all citizens regardless of their origin, eventually creating a superpower, a global hegemon.

Meanwhile, a united Europe has chosen the opposite path. She rethought the American slogan “Diversity is Power.” So there was a policy of “salad”: individual elements are added to it as a whole, but each retains its own taste. Theoretically, the idea is a good one: according to the idea, the cultures that exist side by side with the European one were designed to enrich European civilization with many positive values, to promote familiarity with each other and to establish mutual understanding, that is, to create support for our reality in the form of humanism.

It was no coincidence that the main champions of mixing the human “salad” were France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and other countries of Western and at the same time “old” Europe, because these are former colonial powers whose welfare was based on the fact that they fed on the material and human resources of the conquered peoples of all of the world.

Collapsing, the empires left behind an uncomfortable legacy: millions of immigrants who were looking for a better life in the former metropolises. It was a human mass with completely different customs and, most often, religion. Multiculturalism was supposed to be a recipe for their integration not so much into European civilization as into national states. Of course, it was also about economic benefits, that is, cheap labor, the presence of which is beneficial to supranational corporations and financial markets, sponsoring European politicians. However, the effect turned out to be the opposite of what the main ideologists expected to get, that is, leaders of the largest media and political figures who manage public opinion. Where does their so-called political correctness come from? After all, the principle is simple: the cultural level of poorly educated immigrants rises only against the background of the fact that they lower the level of European civilization, and this, for various reasons, does not suit citizens who primarily suffer from various negative consequences of such a process.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was right. At a meeting with reporters from conservative American media, he stated bluntly: “Among the heads of government of the EU member states, I am the only independent person, because within the framework of Western culture you can no longer say what you think.” He added that the problem is that Western leaders do not want to take into account the experience of Central Europe, living in reliance on national and Christian values. “France and Germany in the past were colonial powers, and Soviet atheists and Ottoman Muslims colonized our part of the continent,” Orban emphasized. “If culturally alien people,” he continued, “give a finger, they will swallow us whole and turn us into refugees in their own country.”

Meanwhile, Western political correctness prescribes turning a blind eye to the existential problems of the survival of our entire continent. European elites decided to build a post-Christian, post-national society, and for this, they needed an instrument in the form of multiculturalism. The reason for the problems of Europe with its identity in this way is not in the next waves of migrants and not even in terrorism or rampant intolerance. This is just a consequence. The problem is the European elites themselves, who want to maintain power and guarantee their income a model of economic and social development. Their project provides for the management of emotions and moods of the masses by depriving them of their national history and self-awareness. It includes the mutual alienation of different groups, that is, the division of society into a well-fed political and bureaucratic class and the impoverished broad masses, turned into a precariat. The imposed political correctness is an attempt at totalitarian brainwashing, the purpose of which is to exclude the expression of an independent opinion, that is, the appearance of a protest against reality formed from above. What dangers such policies pose are shown by the example of the United States.

According to the conservative publication American Sinker, while the concept of a “melting pot” was working in the United States, an integrated society moved along the path of success, but when the democratic administration began selfishly, that is, in the interests of the richest people, to introduce the European “salad model”, citizens lost previous value guidelines. The result was the deepest stratification of society since the Civil War of the mid-19th century. The social consequence was the marginalization of large groups of the population, which prompted Americans (both white and black, and Christians, and Muslims) to become fascinated by radical racist ideology.

Fortunately, the product of this split in society was the emergence of the figure of Donald Trump, who, in an effort to reverse the negative trend, put forward the slogan about America's return to its former greatness. So he expressed public discontent with the introduction of the concept of multiculturalism in the United States. It is not surprising that the liberal and left-wing European media, as well as the European elite with the same roots, are making every effort to sow anti-Americanism in our minds and link the actions of Americans with the consequences of their own cultural policy mistakes. They hold the idea that it is the United States and Trump personally who are responsible for the rampant antisemitism and other “-isms” that are now roaming our planet.

Meanwhile, Europe itself commits suicide by mixing concepts, values or purposefully substituting their meaning. Advocates of tradition oppose sexual minorities, a religious conflict is knocking at our door, threatening to turn into a war of Muslims with Christians and those who profess any religion, with atheists. All the authorities who compromised themselves by greed, selfishness and the advancement of their own narrow interests are collapsing. The hatred of some racial and ethnic groups towards others is growing. The colored population calls Europeans pederasts. Arab social networks reacted to the news of the destruction of the symbol of Christianity, Notre Dame Cathedral, with delight: what a wonderful fire!

Only Putin alone calmly removes chestnuts from European fire, talking about the end of the era of liberal democracy. Multiculturalism is turning into an instrument of Kremlin policy, which it uses internationally, against Europe, as well as in domestic politics. The growing European chaos, stories about which are presented to Russians under propaganda sauce, are the best guarantee for Kremlin elites to maintain power.

Instead of the result, I turn to the words of the newspaper “Mond", according to which the European Union, following the path of multiculturalism, resembles the Roman Empire, which stood at the origins of modern Europe. Now the EU is also torn apart by internal conflicts, and like Ancient Rome, it risks facing civil wars, as well as the collapse of the community at the social, economic and political levels.

Robert Cheda

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