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Trump gave Chinese people a little more time to sell TikTok

Trump gave Chinese people a little more time to sell TikTok

US President Donald Trump decided to give TikTok's Chinese owners, ByteDance, more time to sell it to an American company. Instead of 45 days that another decree previously provided, she now has 90 days.

CNBC writes about Trump's new decree.

"There is compelling evidence that makes me think ByteDance ... may take action that could undermine US national security," Trump said in his new executive order.

Overall, this document, despite the demand to sell TikTok, is good news for the Chinese as they now have a little more time to sort out a potential deal.

The previous order provided that if the service is not sold, then from September 20 (45 days after the signing of the decree) in the US jurisdiction, any transactions with ByteDance are prohibited.

Why is TikTok being sold?

This is what Trump demands. He explains his decision by the fact that TikTok automatically records a large amount of information about users: geolocation and web browsing history. This, according to Trump, gives the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans' personal information, potentially allowing Chinese intelligence agencies to track down American officials.

However, earlier TikTok executives denied cooperation with Chinese intelligence agencies. And on July 29, TikTok opened its algorithms for specialists to make sure that the company's "Chinese origin" does not pose a threat to users of the social network.

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms in the world: in March 2020 alone, according to the SensorTower portal, it was downloaded by 65 million people worldwide. In general, since its inception in 2017, it has been installed more than 2 billion times.

Earlier, Microsoft confirmed rumors that it had been in the market for a while: it is indeed in talks to buy TikTok. According to CNBC estimates, the service will cost the American company $ 10-30 billion.

The company promises to improve the protection of personal data of TikTok users and store the data of American users only in the United States and delete them from foreign servers.

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