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Gasoline bought by Venezuela confiscated in the USA

Gasoline bought by Venezuela confiscated in the USA

Tankers carrying gasoline from Iran to Venezuela have been detained by the United States. This was confirmed by the American leader Donald Trump.

“There were four tankers. We detained them. They are heading to Houston, they are already there, ” he said.

The US Department of Justice reported that the oil products from the tankers became the property of the United States, while the vessels themselves were not confiscated. On the contrary, American officials, with the help of threats to impose sanctions on shipowners, captains, and insurers, forced them to hand over the cargo.

In May, it was reported that at least five oil tankers from Iran sailed with fuel to Venezuela. This is the first case in the recent history of such a large supply of fuel to a South American state. Then the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps warned Washington of the consequences if the United States acted “like pirates” in relation to supplies.

Venezuela is experiencing a fuel crisis, one of the causes of which is the trade blockade by the United States and its allies. Iran is also under US sanctions.

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