Plane Crash in the USA: the plane crashed into the house, there are dead

The plane crashed into ohm in the state of New Jersey

Aircraft Cessna 414A Chancellor

A Cessna 414A pilot crashed into a house in Woodbridge Township in the US state of New Jersey on Tuesday morning. This was reported on Tuesday by CBS television with reference to representatives of the National Transport Safety Administration.

An airplane crashing from a Virginia state airport crashed while approaching in low cloud cover at a small Linden airport.

When the plane crashed, a strong fire broke out in the house and two adjoining annexes. As the mayor of the city of Woodbridge Township John McCormack told reporters, luckily there was no one in the house. As a preventive measure, local gas and energy companies cut off the supply of gas and electricity to approximately 400 consumers in the area of the aircraft crash in order to prevent the occurrence of new fires.

Residents of Woodbridge Township, according to CBS, have created a public fund to help those affected by the accident.

Investigation of the accident is conducted by experts from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transport Safety Administration.

Aircraft Cessna 414A Chancellor — light twin-engine aircraft, developed in 1968 and is designed to carry up to eight people, including the pilot. The largest incident with this type of aircraft occurred in 1982 in Texas, where four adults and eight children were killed due to aircraft overload and pilot error.

Earlier we wrote that in the United States, an airline of United Airlines made an emergency landing in Denver because of a passenger stuck in the toilet cubicle. Onboard flew from Washington to San Francisco when the woman went to freshen up and was unable to get out of the booth. The crew had to land the plane.

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