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A drone firefighter appeared in China

Air taxi company EHang spoke about its new product - a firefighter drone that can extinguish fires in high-rise buildings. They decided to test the new device in China, where a huge number of high-rise buildings have appeared over the past few years.

Of the 233,000 fires recorded in 2019 in China, almost 7,000 were in high-rise buildings. Back in May, EHang received approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of China to use air taxis to transport heavy cargo. Then the developers decided to add 150 liters of foam and six water bombs on board the 216 В° F air taxi.

Upon arriving at the scene, the drone firefighter uses a zoom camera to locate the fire, hovers in the desired position and uses a laser targeting system to launch fire extinguisher bombs, and finally sprays the flame with foam.

With a maximum flight altitude of 600 m, the drone will be able to serve almost all modern high-rise buildings. The flying taxi can reach a maximum speed of 130 km / h and has a maximum flight time of 21 minutes when fully loaded.

Thanks to its autonomous flight capabilities and modern control technologies, the drone can independently extinguish fires within a radius of 5 kilometers from its base.

The use of flying fire trucks is another step towards a smart, technology-based city. The potential of our intelligent technology platform is virtually limitless. We will research and develop new aerial solutions and use cases to empower smart cities.

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