Spanish authorities decided to tighten anti-coronavirus restrictions

Spanish authorities decided to tighten anti-coronavirus restrictions

The Spanish authorities on Friday announced the introduction of a number of restrictive measures due to the continuing rise in the number of cases of coronavirus. This is reported by the European media.

In particular, it was decided to close night clubs and dance floors. Bars and restaurants in the framework of the new measures should stop working until 01:00 at night.

Throughout the country, a ban has been introduced on smoking in public places when it is impossible to maintain a distance of at least two meters between people.

Spain has also introduced restrictions on visits to nursing homes. It is allowed to admit only one visitor per day to one person and only for one hour.

Over the past two weeks, doctors in the country have identified almost 50,000 new cases of coronavirus infection. On the last day alone, about 3 thousand new cases have been registered, most of them in Madrid.

Spanish media remind that in June the number of cases per day did not exceed 400 people. This figure has continued to grow since July.

Spain is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus in Europe. In the country, during the pandemic, more than 350 thousand people fell ill, more than 28 thousand people infected with coronavirus died.

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