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General quarantine may be the only way to stop the pandemic

General quarantine may be the only way to stop the pandemic

There are new outbreaks of COVID-19 all over the world and it seems that the world did not draw the right conclusions after the first wave of the pandemic.

For example, the Australian state of Victoria recorded a record number of deaths from complications caused by COVID-19. This is written by Bloomberg.

In July, Australia conducted at least 3 thousand checks among people who had to observe isolation, but at least 800 people left their homes and visited various places.

In Japan, where the incidence of COVID-19 has also started to rise again, people stay at home but do not observe isolation.
As a result, 40% of older patients became infected from their relatives.

Failed attempts to control infectious people with mild symptoms or none at all are the main driver of some of the world's worst outbreaks.
However, it is clear from the experience of Italy and South Korea that it is possible to stop the transmission of infection if you do not send patients home, but move them to special centers where they will stay until they are cured.

“The non-intervention approach, which involves a naive reliance on the responsibility of everyone, has proved ineffective. After all, there will always be those who violate all the conditions of isolation, “ said Jeremy Lim, a Professor at the So Swee hock school of Medicine at Singapore National University.

Earlier, we reported that COVID-19 was found on frozen shrimp and chicken in China.

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