EU refuses to recognize elections in Belarus

EU refuses to recognize elections in Belarus

The foreign ministers of the EU countries decided to impose individual sanctions against those responsible for the violence against activists.

The European Union does not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus and is preparing sanctions against the official Minsk. This was announced on Friday, August 14, by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, following an informal meeting of the EU Council.

“Work is beginning to impose sanctions against those responsible for the violence and falsification,” he said on the social network.

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Ivan Korchok clarified that the heads of the foreign ministries of the EU countries have decided to impose individual sanctions against those responsible for violence against peaceful protesters and falsified elections in Belarus.

The ministers instructed the EU diplomatic services to draw up an appropriate “blacklist” in the near future.

“What we agreed on today is to start the process of preparing sanctions. Given the format of the meeting, today we could not name specific names and surnames, since this has its own legal sequence. But the fact that this process is starting, there is such an agreement,” — said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics at a press conference.

He also noted that the heads of the Foreign Ministries of the EU countries during a video conference discussed the issue of the legitimacy of Alexander Lukashenko as President of Belarus.

“This is an issue on which we will still have discussions since it will have certain consequences. But this issue of legitimacy was also discussed today,” he said.

As previously reported, the EU had previously approved sanctions against Belarus in connection with violations during the presidential elections in the country. The corresponding decision was taken by a committee of the foreign ministers of the EU countries and now must be approved by the EU Council.

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