A fragment of a US bomber flew into the British yard

American strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress

A woman discovered an incomprehensible yellow object in the garden. According to her, he almost got into her house.

US B-52X bomber lost a metal part in the garden of a resident of the town of Brails (Warwickshire) in the UK.

This happened when the plane returned to the airbase after completing the mission.

According to the British police, who posted a photo of the metal part, an unnamed resident of the town turned to them after she heard the sound of a thud during the flight of a bomber over her house, and when she went outside, she found to her surprise an incomprehensible yellow object in the garden. According to her, he almost got into her house. The incident occurred on October 23.

Aviation experts, who arrived at the scene of the accident with the police, found that the metal object was part of the skin of the moto compartment of the engine of the US Air Force strategic bomber B-52H.

According to the US Air Force Command in Europe, on October 23, four American B-52H bombers, temporarily stationed at the Fairford airbase in England, conducted training flights in the Baltic Sea region. According to Western aviation resources, in particular, aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons carried out the mission in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Russia — in the sky over Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

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