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ELISA testing has shown how immunity to COVID-19 appears in quarantine and without it

ELISA testing has shown how immunity to COVID-19 appears in quarantine and without it

London and Stockholm have fought the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways. But, despite this, the rate of spread of COVID-19 was approximately the same in these cities, businessinsider.com reports.

So, from the very beginning of the pandemic, Stockholm decided to abandon the introduction of strict quarantine measures. At the same time, restaurants and shops were operating in Sweden.

Experts predicted that by May 40% of the population of Stockholm will be immune to coronavirus infection. However, as follows from the data of the ELISA studies carried out in April, only 17% of the population of the Swedish capital had antibodies to COVID-19 in early May.

The same number — 17% of London's population — received immunity to coronavirus infection in April and May. And this despite the fact that in Britain, at first, they considered the option of abandoning strict quarantine measures in favor of “herd immunity”, as a result, a long and strict lockdown was introduced.

In addition, despite fundamentally different strategies in the fight against coronavirus, the death rate from COVID-19 was also almost the same in the two countries. In the UK, whose population exceeds 66 million people, more than 46.5 thousand people have died of coronavirus infection, which is 0.07% of the country's population. In Sweden, where 10 million people live, 5.5 thousand people became victims of COVID-19, that is, 0.06%.

Note that Stockholm did reach the projected indicator of the population immune to COVID-19 — in July. The Swedish Public Health Agency said that about 40% of residents of the capital have already had coronavirus and have antibodies to it.

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