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In the US, coronavirus offered to be treated with radiation

Low doses of radiation have anti-inflammatory effects on the body, said experts from the medical physics department of the Jack Adie Cancer Center in Canada.

A group of specialists from the United States and Canada is proposing to treat coronavirus with radiation therapy. About this writes the journal of the European Society of Radiation Therapy and Oncology.

According to experts, the use of radiation therapy can potentially reduce mortality from coronavirus by 20%, and the use of radiation in low doses will avoid the adverse toxicological effects that usually accompany such treatment.

It is reported that the technique has been tested on ten patients with identified COVID-19. After experimental treatment, they recovered in three days versus 12 days in the control group.

“The single 10-minute treatment described in this report has minimal toxicity and is well tolerated even by older patients and people with chronic diseases," said researchers at the Emory University Cancer Institute.

The authors of the study emphasized that radiation therapy had no toxic side effects on patients.

Earlier it was reported that blood plasma transfusion to patients with coronavirus from those already ill with COVID-19 is an effective treatment for the disease.

Also, it was reported that an alcoholic drink was found that facilitates the course of COVID. A special enzyme in the alcoholic beverage can relieve the symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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