The British authorities announced the continuation of the easing of the quarantine

The UK authorities have announced that they will begin further easing the quarantine measures introduced to counter the spread of the new coronavirus, after a forced pause caused by an increase in the number of infected people. The corresponding statement was published on Thursday on the website of the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Today we can announce some further changes that will allow more people to return to work and to the things they were missing,” Johnson was quoted as saying in a statement. At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that the authorities are always ready to put the process of removing the quarantine on pause again or to introduce local measures to contain individual outbreaks of the disease.

The report indicates that due to the stabilization of the situation with an increase in the number of infected people, theaters, music, and concert venues located in closed premises will be able to open from Saturday, August 15, but with strict rules of social distance. Casinos, ice rinks, and bowling clubs will also be reopened, and beauty salons will be allowed to provide all types of services subject to sanitary requirements. In addition, a few spectators will be allowed to attend certain sporting events as a test.

At the same time, penalties for violations of existing restrictions are being increased. So, fines for those who repeatedly violated the mask regime will double to ВЈ3.2 thousand (about $4.2 thousand), and new monetary penalties will be introduced for those who organize parties and other events with the participation of 30 or more visitors.

On July 31, the British authorities announced that they had temporarily abandoned plans to further relax the nationwide quarantine and were tightening restrictions in areas of the country where the disease rate is starting to rise again. Initially, it was planned that the new stage of easing would take effect on August 1, but the number of cases of coronavirus transmission in the country has again started to increase.

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