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In China, they built a road to bypass the house ...

In one of the Chinese cities, an automobile overpass was built right to bypass a tiny plot of land with a small house.

The authorities had to resort to this kind of measure because of the stubborn owner of real estate, who refused to leave it for 10 years.

This building is one of many examples of “nail houses” in China — or “dinghy” in Chinese — whose owners refuse the compensation offered by the developer for the demolition of the structure in which they live.

Local media footage shows the property squeezed tightly between two sections of the recently opened Haichzhuyong Bridge in the Guangzhou metropolis in Guangdong province.

According to the local TV channel, the one-story house consists of a one-room apartment with an area of 40 square meters, at the moment it is located in a recess in the middle of a four-lane transport connection.

The owner of the house herself, named Liang, said that she did not agree to move because the government could not offer her a worthy replacement.

She added that she is ready to live like this and she doesn't care what other people think about her.

“You think this is a bad place to live, but I find it quiet, free, pleasant, and comfortable,” she said.

According to some reports, Ms. Liang demanded that the government provide her with as many as four apartments in exchange for her consent to move out, but the government agreed only to two.

In another interview, the woman claims that the officials offered her alternative housing next to the morgue, which is why she did not agree to such a replacement.

The “Nail House” became a sensation on the Chinese Internet after images of it appeared on social media.

Ms. Liang is the only one of 47 households and seven businesses that still resides in the area. All other residents of this area left it before September last year.

The authorities claim that they offered the resident many options for apartments, as well as various schemes for monetary compensation, but she refused all of this.

They also added that before starting the construction of the overpass, the engineers studied and considered all relevant safety issues.

The authorities have promised to continue dialogue with Ms. Liang.

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