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Trump called Zelensky the Russian president — media

The American leader, commenting on the impeachment situation, mixed up the country led by President Vladimir Zelensky.

US President Donald Trump has mixed up a country led by President Vladimir Zelensky. He said this at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

“Now they don’t want to talk about the accuser because they didn’t think that I would publish this conversation. When I published the conversation, I refuted Schiff’s report. Moreover, as you know, the new Russian president, a good man, made a statement that there was nothing talking. There was no pressure on him. Nothing at all, “Trump said.

Journalists have already paid attention to the reservation. Trump commented in particular on a situation that could lead to his impeachment and first mentioned three times about the “perfect conversation” with the Ukrainian president. But then insisting that he did not exert pressure on Zelensky, for some reason called him the Russian president.

Earlier it was reported that the US Congress resumed hearings on the impeachment case to President Donald Trump. After Philip Ricoeur on Monday, Charles Kupperman, a former deputy national security adviser, will testify before the committees, on Tuesday — Alexander Windman, chief expert of the White House’s National Security Council for Ukraine, on Wednesday — Catherine Wilbarger, acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security, and on Thursday, Tim Morrison, Senior Advisor to Russia and Europe at the National Security Council, US President.

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