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Belarusian IT companies have threatened Lukashenko to leave the country

Belarusian IT companies have threatened Lukashenko to leave the country

The founders, executives, and employees of an IT company in Belarus drew up an open letter warning of the destruction of the industry if the violence continued.

As noted in the letter, conditions have developed in the country in which a technology business will not be able to function.

“Thousands of people have been detained and convicted. Peaceful protests are dispersed with inappropriate use of force. Ordinary people are detained for no reason, beaten, and arrested. For several days, the entire country had limited access to the Internet, ” the appeal says.

The letter says that in the near future there will be an outflow of specialists abroad, a slowdown in the growth of the IT sector, and a decrease in investment in Belarusian IT companies. According to IT specialists, all the country's achievements in this area can perish in a short time.

However, they note that the process is still reversible. To do this, the authorities must stop violence against civilians, hold new transparent presidential elections, and provide Belarusians with free access to information.

The presidential elections in Belarus were held on August 9. After the closure of polling stations in a number of cities of the republic, protests against electoral fraud began, during which the police and internal troops used tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets against the demonstrators.

The protesters demanded a recount of the voting results, the release of political prisoners and the resignation of the country's President Alexander Lukashenko.

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