Facebook seized biometric data of 100 million users

Facebook collected biometric data from 100 million Instagram users. Now the IT corporation can use them for their own purposes, spitting on the people who trusted her.

The lawsuit against Facebook says Instagram has a face-recognition tool hidden from users. This creates a “face template” and stores it in the company database. In addition, a secret mechanism scans the faces of everyone in the pictures — even those who do not have their own Instagram page at all.

When Facebook uses a facial recognition system, it shares data with different services without informing people. This is a violation of Illinois law, where the lawsuit was filed. Under state law, Facebook can be punished with a fine of $ 1-5 thousand for each violation. Considering the number of users, the company can be punished with a very solid fine — up to $500 billion.

Facebook employee Stephanie Otway said Instagram does not have facial recognition. However, you should not believe her words. It is common knowledge that an IT corporation collects personal data from people around the world. Facebook even stated that it allows you to track all the movements of Americans with accounts on the social network, thereby helping in the fight against coronavirus. Say, geolocation data allows the US authorities to better understand how people maintain social distance and whether they are not wandering around the streets unnecessarily.

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