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European country wanted to cooperate with China despite the USA

Serbia became the first European country that wanted to cooperate with China in spite of the United States and the threat of sanctions from their side, writes Reuters. Belgrade hopes to develop its own economy in this way.

Cooperation will affect infrastructure, energy, telecommunications (within the digital “Silk Road” — a component of the national initiative “One Belt — One Road”). In particular, Serbia is implementing two projects with the Chinese company Huawei, which came under US sanctions due to accusations of transferring user data to the special services. One project concerns the creation of a new broadband Internet network in the country, the other — the development of “smart cities”.

In the future, Belgrade plans to cooperate with Huawei in the field of 5G and in 2021 is going to announce a tender for the development of frequencies, which will become especially sensitive for the United States and the European Union, which have been actively (including legislatively) ousting the Chinese corporation from the 5G market in recent months.

At the same time, Assistant Minister of Trade of Serbia Irini Relzhin said that the authorities will comply with all EU rules and regulations, which prescribe to ensure equal access to the market for all players and guarantee any manufacturer the right to purchase equipment from any supplier. National databases, according to the official, are reliably protected from outside interference.

Cooperation with China, against which the United States is actively opposing, and specifically with Huawei, does not fit into the policy of the European Union, of which Serbia seeks to become a member. So, during a visit to Slovenia on August 13, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised the country's authorities for deploying their own 5G network, independent of China. Earlier, the UK authorities banned Huawei from developing local 5G networks and supplying equipment to other companies.

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