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Four EU countries threaten Lukashenko with isolation due to massacre in Belarus

Four EU countries threaten Lukashenko with isolation due to massacre in Belarus

Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia applied to Minsk with a joint statement

Belarus neighboring EU member states have issued an ultimatum to President Alexander Lukashenko, threatening Western isolation if the violence against anti-government protectors in his country does not stop.

This statement was addressed to the Belarusian president by his colleagues from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia.

Having assured their desire to become Belarus a stable, democratic, independent, and prosperous country, they put forward three demands to Lukashenka:

1. Start de-escalating the situation and immediately stop using force against your people, respect fundamental freedoms, human and civil rights, including freedom of speech, media, assembly and safety of journalists;

2. Urgently release all detained participants of the protest actions and stop their pursuit in the future;
immediately start a dialogue with the people, hear the voice of their citizens, and give them the opportunity to speak freely.
The presidents proposed to organize a “round table” to reconcile the authorities with the public, at which not only officials but also representatives of civil society will be present. In addition, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia are ready to mediate in this process.

3. “If the Belarusian authorities fulfill these requirements, then the doors for cooperation with the international community should remain open. Isolation is not a path to prosperity and development of any nation,” the official Minsk warned.

Earlier, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced a summit of the EU Council, after which a joint statement of 27 countries on what is happening in Belarus will be published. It should take place on August 14 in Brussels.

It should be reminded that anti-government actions in Belarus began after the announcement of the preliminary election results on August 9, according to which the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won about 80% of the votes in the first round.

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