Ex-head of the FBI intends to leave the United States if re-elected Trump

In May 2017, Trump fired Komi from the post of director of the FBI

Photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

Former FBI Director James Komi said he would leave the United States if the current president of this country, Donald Trump, achieves re-election for a second term, according to US media.

At a conference in Nashville, Komi was asked what he would do if Trump won the 2020 election. He replied that he would prefer to watch this “from New Zealand”.

“And being in my new home in New Zealand, I would still believe in America," Komi added. His comment was greeted with a loud laugh in the audience.

The ex-head of the FBI also noted that in the United States there are significant disagreements between political camps.

“We have strong disagreements on politics ... But we have one thing in common. We have a set of values that hold us all together,” he said.

In May 2017, Trump dismissed Komi from the post of director of the FBI. Komi was then engaged, in particular, is investigating Russia's alleged interference in the US election. He also led an investigation into the high-profile case of Hillary Clinton's violation of official correspondence during his tenure as head of the State Department. According to the American leader, he removed him from his post due to “ineffective leadership of the bureau.” He criticized the way Komi worked on the Clinton case.

As you know, in September, the United States and Ukraine came to the center of media attention after an unnamed U.S. intelligence official accused Trump of putting pressure on his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky, to resume an investigation into Biden’s son in exchange for providing financial and military assistance to Kyiv.

Against this background, the House of Representatives announced the launch of the impeachment proceedings against Trump. Democrat Biden is now Trump's most likely rival in the upcoming US elections next year.

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