Why is it difficult for the rhesus factor to affect COVID-19?

Why is it difficult for the rhesus factor to affect COVID-19?

As scientists have found out, people with negative rhesus factor are more likely to get coronavirus and more difficult to tolerate the disease. The doctors' opinions were divided. Virologists do not rule out kinship. Hematologists say it is impossible.

Scientists from the University of Barcelona and Campinas University of Brazil have studied the spread of coronavirus in 126 countries. The starting point was considered to be the day when the state recorded the first 30 cases of infection. The researchers then studied what happened in the next 12 days.

The researchers found that the explosive growth in the number of infections is characteristic of states where there are more than others, the number of citizens with negative rhesus factor, reported on the site medRxiv. These included Austria, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Incidence has been increasing exponentially there.

Scientists believe that this may be due to the relationship between the rhesus factor and the immune response of the body. Such people have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular, respiratory, and other diseases, which complicates the course of the disease.

Among other factors that increase the incidence of disease, scientists named cold weather, high ratios of the elderly to the working population, long life expectancy, many international tourists, lung cancer, obesity in men, high alcohol consumption, smoking, and low levels of vitamin D in the blood.

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quite the opposite
That only rhesus negativ (A-) person who died from covid is an Asian, Blacks and Asians are known to be only partially negative, while complete negativity is only in the Caucasian race in which no deaths have been reported.

Is it possible that rhesus negative whites have some immunity to death from covid 19 ???

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