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The Czech Republic responded to accusations of Belarus of involvement in protests

The Czech Republic responded to accusations of Belarus of involvement in protests

Belarusian President made a loud accusation against Europeans

The other day, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the protesters were being controlled from Europe, in particular, there were allegedly calls from the Czech Republic. Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek denied this statement, while also calling the Belarusian elections undemocratic.

This is reported by Ceska Televize.

According to him, the European Union hoped that Lukashenka would develop relations with Europe and improve his attitude towards his country, but in reality, the Belarusian leader chose a different path, staging a massacre on the city streets.

The minister noted that the Czech Republic has nothing to do with organizing anti-government protests in Belarus.

“These statements are absolutely inappropriate. The Czech government did not participate in organizing the demonstrations. We have been trying to support civil society for a long time, the people of Belarus have the right to speak out about public affairs. Freedom of speech and assembly should be a standard in Europe,” Petricek said.

The Czech Foreign Ministry not only expressed its disagreement with the brutal suppression of the protests but also rejected the elections in Belarus, in particular, they were unhappy with the arrests of opposition presidential candidates, the denial of international observers.

"This is clear evidence that the elections were not free and did not meet the standards of democratic elections," the minister stressed.

Note that the other day, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, commenting on what is happening in Minsk, made a strange statement. According to him, at the protest rallies, "there are many drunk and with drugs."

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