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Elon Musk is asked to launch satellite Internet in Belarus

Elon Musk is asked to launch satellite Internet in Belarus

A petition with a corresponding request received more than five thousand votes. The authors of the appeal describe a situation when the country was left without the Internet for three days during the mass protests.

Belarusians are asking SpaceX founder Elon Musk to conduct an open test of Starlink satellite Internet in their country, where the authorities turned off the Internet for several days due to mass protests. The collection of signatures for the relevant petition is carried out on the Change.org platform.

The authors of the petition report that the Belarusian authorities blocked the Internet, as a result of which local users did not have access to the network for three days.

According to them, this was done on purpose so that the demonstrators could not coordinate with each other, and the truth about the police brutality did not appear in world news.

The signatories asked Musk to help end this injustice and return them the right to freedom of opinion and expression online.

At the moment, the petition has been signed by almost 5.5 thousand people.

As you know, Starlink is a new generation satellite network, which, if successfully operated, will be able to provide people around the world with broadband Internet access. Now Elon Musk's SpaceX has already launched a hundred such satellites into orbit.

Meanwhile, Musk himself left a comment on Twitter under the post about the violence of the security forces in Belarus.

"I'm sorry to hear that. How can we help?" - wrote Musk.

In response, he was asked to make a public statement condemning the violence on the streets of Belarus or to launch the Internet from Starlink in the country.

Let us remind you that problems with the Internet began in Belarus on August 9. Beltelecom, the largest Belarusian Internet operator, said about "problems with external channels."

Later it became known that the websites of news agencies and the CEC fell in Belarus. Apart from BelTA and BelaPAN, the news portal TUT.by, which announced a DDoS attack on the site the day before, is also unavailable.

In turn, Lukashenka said that the Internet in Belarus is blocked "from abroad." Alexander Lukashenko denies that the Internet is being turned off in the country at the initiative of the authorities, - says "someone is itching to do it."

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