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Elections to restored Senate held in Egypt

Elections to restored Senate held in Egypt

Elections to the Senate, the upper house of parliament, which was restored six years after its liquidation, were held in Egypt. The Central Election Commission (CEC) announced on Wednesday evening the completion of 14,000 polling stations in all 27 provinces of the country.

Observers report very moderate voter turnout. At the same time, in some metropolitan precincts, there were significantly fewer voters than employees of election commissions and security officials and military personnel.

Earlier, before its abolition, interest in elections to the upper house was significantly lower than in the lower house of parliament. Despite the change in name, the Senate retained its former functions: it is an advisory, deliberative body, whose decisions are of a recommendatory nature. According to local analysts, the majority of Egyptians in a pandemic are preoccupied with their personal affairs, believing that “these elections are of no use.” There are many who have a vague idea of the Senate elections and are not aware of the candidates. Due to the coronavirus, all public events, including campaigning campaigns, have been canceled.

However, many voters still went to the polls. The oldest voter in the country became famous after she was featured in the country's popular program “90 Minutes” on Mehwar TV. Hag Fahim, a 107-year-old resident of Sharqiyah north of Cairo, not only voted but donated EGP 30,000. ($18,750) to the National Support Fund for Egypt. “The amount is small, but that's all I have,” Hag Fahim shared with reporters, saying that she earned this amount by selling ghee.

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