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Biden: Democrats, after winning elections, will begin to rebuild America

Biden: Democrats, after winning elections, will begin to rebuild America

The US presidential election will be a turning point in the life of the country, and the Democrats are ready, if they win, to start rebuilding America. This was announced on Wednesday in Wilmington (Delaware) by Joseph Biden, who has already guaranteed himself the nomination of the Democratic presidential candidate. He spoke at the first joint event with Kamala Harris, which he nominated for vice president on Tuesday.

“This is an important moment for our country,” he said. “Elections are coming, the outcome of which could change the country. The choice that will be made in November will determine the fate of America for a very long time.” “We have to work to get our country out of the crisis, we need to restore the economy, work to strengthen the country's unity and — most importantly — win the battle for America's soul,” he said.

Biden said he made “a very lucky choice” when he nominated California Senator Harris as his running mate. “Kamala Harris has proven that she can fight for the interests of America's core — its middle class,” Biden said. “She knows the art of management and is capable of making tough decisions. She is ready to take on responsibilities from day one, we are both ready to take rebuilding America.“

Harris argued during her speech that during the reign of Republican Donald Trump, the rate of growth of unemployment in the country has tripled. At the same time, the senator did not mention such an important factor as the coronavirus pandemic, which largely caused the rise in unemployment in the United States this year.

“Our economy ended up being trashed, as is our reputation in the world. The point of the elections is not only to defeat Donald Trump and [Vice President] Mike Pence but also to rebuild the country, making it better.” the senator noted. If she wins elections in November, she pledged to create millions of new jobs, tackle global climate change, revolutionizes energy, and rebuild the United States' supply chain with strategically important products and essential goods.

“On November 3 [in the election], we need not just a victory, but a mandate of trust, proving that the US has not represented us [the Democrats] for the past two years, not our thoughts and aspirations,” Harris concluded.

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