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In Iraq, a civilian supply convoy of coalition forces was blown up

In Iraq, a civilian supply convoy of coalition forces was blown up

A civilian convoy carrying supplies for international coalition forces was blown up south of the Iraqi capital Wednesday. This was reported on Thursday by the news portal Shafaq News, citing sources in the country's security forces.

According to them, an improvised explosive device went off last evening on a highway in the Batha area in the Dhi Qar province. His target was a supply convoy of several privately-owned trucks that were contracted by coalition forces. Nobody was hurt as a result of the attack. When the bomb was detonated, a transport transporting military equipment of the US troops was damaged.

This is the sixth such attack in Iraq in the past month against logistics supplies for an international coalition under American command. Until now, no one has claimed responsibility for these terrorist attacks, and the country's authorities have never announced the arrest of those involved.

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