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In Britain, changed the method of counting deaths from coronavirus

In Britain, changed the method of counting deaths from coronavirus

The UK authorities announced on Wednesday a change in the method of counting deaths that occurred as a result of infection with a new type of coronavirus. As a result, the number of deaths registered in the United Kingdom among those infected with COVID-19 decreased by 5,377 (12%), from 46,706 to 41,329. The new data was published By the public health service of England.

Over the past day, the country recorded 78 new deaths and 1,009 detected cases of infection. The latter indicator exceeds the thousandth mark for the second day in a row and for the third time since the end of June. The total number of cases of infection in the Kingdom is now 312,789.

According to the updated methodology, only those deaths that occurred within 28 days after the patient was laboratory-confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus are now included in the death statistics. The country's health Minister, Matt Hancock, ordered a review of the methodology used on July 17, when experts at the Oxford center for evidence-based medicine suggested that the health Ministry's indicators might be overstated. They drew attention to the fact that the Department's statistics include all cases of death of people who have ever been confirmed infected with a new coronavirus, even if the cause of death was completely different and occurred much later than the moment of infection. The problem was mainly in England, and in the rest of the country, the 28-day rule had already been applied.

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