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Nearly two dozen Spaniards have contracted the new virus

Nearly two dozen Spaniards have contracted the new virus

In Spanish Andalusia, which recorded an outbreak of viral meningoencephalitis, a special protocol was used to control the spread of the disease.

In the Spanish Autonomous Community of Andalusia, 18 cases of meningoencephalitis caused by an unknown virus have been identified. This was reported by the press service of the regional health department on Wednesday, August 12.

It is noted that 16 people needed hospitalization, five of them are in the intensive care unit. Two more infected are being treated at home under the supervision of doctors.

The Andalusian government has implemented a special protocol to control and avoid further spread of the disease, which, however, is not transmitted from person to person, according to the message.

According to media reports, the disease may be associated with the bites of aedes japonicus mosquitoes, which carry the West Nile virus.

Earlier in Cameroon in the fishing village of Longji, an outbreak of cholera was recorded, which killed 12 people. In total, 62 cases of infection were confirmed.

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