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The US has put to the vote a draft UN Security Council resolution on Iran

The US has put to the vote a draft UN Security Council resolution on Iran

The US has submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council for a vote on extending the arms embargo against Iran. According to a source in the organization, the date of the vote will be determined by the Chairman of the Security Council.

“The US has put out a document for voting. The date of its holding should be set by the President of the Council (Indonesia holds the presidency in August), “ he said.

Since March, due to the remote work of the Security Council, the vote is held in writing. After the start of the voting procedure, countries have 24 hours to transmit their decision to the Secretariat staff, after which the results are announced by the UN Security Council President. However, the voting can also take place in the traditional format, if the Chairman so decides.

Restrictions on the import of weapons to Iran, according to the nuclear deal, will expire on October 18, 2020. US representatives have repeatedly indicated that they will seek to extend the embargo, despite their withdrawal from the Iran deal. Us Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft called the vote on the American document “a choice between peace and terror.” She also said that the US wants to “corner Russia and China” who opposed the resolution.

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