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Four hours were fired: it became known how the USA liquidated the leader of ISIS

US military arrived in eight helicopters

The operation of the US armed forces, during which the leader of the Islamic State terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was liquidated, lasted about four hours. This was reported by the Anatolian Agency, citing a source in the Idlib de-escalation zone where the operation was carried out.

The US military arrived in northern Syria in eight helicopters. Helicopters attacked militant positions near Barish in Idlib province for an hour and a half. The operation also involved two shock unmanned aerial vehicles. Then, the US paratroopers joined in the fighting.

As Newsweek said earlier, the US military believes that they destroyed the leader of ISIS during a special operation in Idlib province. Also, according to the publication, the US Department of Defense reported to the White House that with a “high degree of certainty” we can talk about the destruction of al-Baghdadi during the raid.

US President Donald Trump made an official statement from the White House.

In addition, the commander of the armed coalition of the “Forces of Democratic Syria” Mazlum Abdi announced the involvement of the Kurds in the US special operation.

“The success of this historic operation was the result of joint intelligence work with American partners,” Abdi wrote on Twitter.

According to his publications, the operation was carried out by the Pentagon Joint Special Operations Command after receiving reliable intelligence.

Versions of the death of al-Baghdadi appear in various media for several years. None of them have yet received official confirmation.

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