In the US called unrealistic Ukraine's accession to NATO

In the US called unrealistic Ukraine's accession to NATO

The US should officially refuse to support Ukraine's accession to NATO, as this is unrealistic for a variety of serious reasons, according to a report by the US think tank Defense Priorities.

According to experts, excluding the issue of the country's membership in the bloc from the Ukrainian political agenda will force Kyiv to focus on other, more realistic foreign policy issues, such as neutrality, reducing tensions with Russia, as well as on internal problems.

Analysts say that Ukraine needs to find a balance between the East (Russia) and the West (Europe), and the final choice of one or the other side will undermine the country's internal stability. As for American policy, it should be aimed at minimizing the direct conflict with Moscow over Kyiv, according to the authors of the report.

In addition, experts cited in the report data from opinion polls, according to which less than half of Ukrainians (44 percent) were in favor of joining NATO. There is a significant desire among the population to expand ties with the United States. However, at the same time, the country also has a strong desire for closer relations with Russia. Therefore, experts sum up, Washington should stop supporting Ukraine's accession to NATO, as false hope for membership prevents Kyiv from solving more important tasks.

On June 12, Ukraine became a member of the enhanced capabilities Partnership of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the partner status will allow the Ukrainian armed forces to participate in additional exercises with the Alliance troops. He also noted that now Kyiv will be “better informed about the risks to its security.”

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