Named the main goal of the US in the transfer of forces in Europe

Named the main goal of the US in the transfer of forces in Europe

The Deputy Chief of the Joint Committee of the chief of staff of the US Armed forces, General John Hyten, called the main goal of the relocation of American forces in Europe. According to him, this is necessary to strengthen Russia's deterrence.

As Hyten stated during an online discussion organized by the Hudson Institute in Washington, the US is moving its forces to be able to “ improve readiness and deploy them again in Europe on a rotating basis, and to some other places in Europe so that we can be more prepared for the threat.”

He called Poland and Romania, as well as the black sea territories, “more active partners” because “this is where we strengthen our deterrence against Russia, which is the defense Minister's number one priority.”

Hyten also noted that after the relocation, the largest contingent of US forces will still remain in Germany, while admitting that Berlin is “upset for a number of reasons.”

“I think that all our NATO allies understand what kind of structure we want to build. It is important to look at NATO through the prism of 2020, not 1991,“ he stressed.

Earlier, the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, said that the United States will withdraw from Germany about 11.9 thousand troops stationed there, as well as move the headquarters of the European command of the US armed forces to Belgium. According to him, the relocation of American forces will take place within the next few weeks. Of the displaced military, about 5.6 thousand will go to other NATO countries, and another 6.4 thousand will return to the United States and will be in Europe on a rotating basis. They will serve including in the East and in the Black sea region in order to contain Russia.

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