iPhone 12 power revealed

iPhone 12 power revealed

The power of the new Apple smartphone will be comparable to the performance of a computer. This is reported by the publication PhoneArena with a link to a Twitter blogger under the nickname komiya_kj.

As follows from the disclosed information of the author's sources, the devices of the iPhone 12 series will use the A14 chip. The Processor will be more productive than the current A13 used in the iPhone 11 and SE devices. In particular, the blogger predicts that the processing power of the processor will grow by 40 percent, and the graphics accelerator-by 50 percent.

Journalists suggested that the new chips will be able to raise the performance of Apple smartphones to the level of the MacBook Air. In their opinion, the power of the graphics accelerator in the iPhone is of great importance, since the company, in particular, focuses on the development of the Apple Arcade gaming platform.

Experts stressed that in the new smartphones, Apple will try to optimize the power consumption of all components of the device, including the processor. Based on the technical specifications of the 5-nanometer tech process that will be used to build chips for the iPhone, the processors will be 15 percent faster and 30 percent more energy-efficient compared to the A13 processors.

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