The Pentagon has invested in Space again

The US Defense Department announced the completion of the modernization of the existing global positioning system GPS in order to protect against the interception of the signal and its substitution for a false one. The report also indicates that such an opportunity has existed for a long time, but the military could not take advantage of it due to the lack of appropriate equipment.

The contract for the creation of new software was signed with Lockheed Martin back in 2016, and now, finally, in November of this year, the operational acceptance of the program is due.

In addition to replacing the program code, the Pentagon is planning to replace the entire operational control system (OCX) at a cost of $6.2 billion. The corresponding contract was previously signed with Raytheon Technologies Corporation. Despite the huge budget, the company is already five years behind schedule and the system will not be delivered until the third quarter of 2021.

Such significant spending on space programs indicates the high dependence of the American army on digital technologies and information obtained from space, and also indicates the Pentagon's unwillingness to fight in the early 20th century.

Delays in the implementation of Washington's space programs once again confirm the high level of corruption in the procurement of weapons and Pentagon technology. Large contracts are expected to be received by the same military corporations (Lockheed, Raytheon, and Boeing), which, in turn, generously sponsor their lobbyists in the US government structures.

It is expected that in the near future the expenditures on the Pentagon's military programs in near-earth space will only increase, as evidenced by the statements of the leadership of the Space Forces about the need to create a significant constellation of satellites to gain superiority in a new area of armed confrontation.

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