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Port of Beirut partially resumes operation after a powerful explosion

Lebanese port of Beirut has partially resumed work to provide goods for local markets after a powerful explosion that thundered a week ago, reports Al Jazeera.

Thus, according to the Lebanese Minister of Economy, the port is currently unloading ships for merchants.

“The port of Beirut has 12 out of 16 cranes. The mills in Lebanon have a stock of 32,000 tons of flour, in addition to the 110,000 tons that will be delivered within two weeks,” Raoul Nehme said on Wednesday, adding that this amount will be enough for four months.

Recall that the Emergency Response Coordination Center reported yesterday that the death toll in the explosion in the Lebanese capital had risen to 220 people.

The Lebanese government says the explosion was caused by welding work carried out at one of the port's warehouses, where a batch of ammonium nitrate was stored. Lebanese President does not rule out an external attack on the country, but he refused to conduct an international investigation of the explosion in the port of Beirut.

A state of emergency has been introduced in the city for 2 weeks. After that, massive anti-government protests began, in which more than 700 people were injured.

The Lebanese government on Monday, August 10, resigned.

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