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Found the largest drug lab in the Netherlands in a former riding school

The laboratory could produce up to 150-200 kilograms of cocaine daily

Police in the Netherlands announced the exposure of the largest cocaine laboratory in the country. It operated on the premises of a former horse riding school in the south of the Netherlands. Already 17 people have been arrested in the case, most of them with Colombian passports.

This was reported by the BBC with reference to a statement by law enforcement officials.

It is noted that during the searches of the school, the police found equipment for the production of cocaine and tens of thousands of liters of chemicals, as well as 100 kilograms of the finished “product”.

Police chief Andre van Rijn noted that the laboratory could produce up to 150-200 kilograms of cocaine daily. Its attackers could sell for 4.5-6 million euros — this estimate was made by law enforcement officers after talking with former laboratory workers.

Earlier, French customs officials seized more than 1.3 tons of cocaine in the port of Dunkirk. The consignment of drugs was hidden in a container in which sacks of rice were transported. Customs officials estimated the value of the seized goods at 97 million euros and noted that it was one of the largest consignments of cocaine that was recently seized in France.

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