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Boeing did not receive a single order in July and delivered 4 liners to customers

The American aviation concern Boeing did not receive a single new order for aircraft in July and delivered only 4 airliners to customers.

In addition, the airline's customers last month canceled orders for 43 737 MAX aircraft, which are still suspended.

Boeing delivered 10 aircraft to customers in June and 4 in May.

Low supply volumes are associated with logistical difficulties arising from the coronavirus pandemic, writes The Wall Street Journal. In addition, airlines are reluctant to buy new aircraft amid weak demand for air travel, which is also driven by the pandemic.

Boeing's stock of finished aircraft continues to grow as production outpaces sales, putting pressure on the airline's finances.

Boeing's European competitor, Airbus, delivered 49 aircraft in July and received orders for 4 aircraft.

Both Boeing and Airbus have cut production significantly as airlines cancel orders and postpone new ones as demand for their services falls. Air traffic this year will be more than 60% lower than last year, and will not return to 2019 levels over the next four years, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecast.

In July, Boeing delivered 2 787 Dreamliners to customers, as well as 1 777 and 767 each.

Boeing's order book shrank to 4,496,000 aircraft after the removal of orders for 9 MAX aircraft.

Boeing shares gained 3.2% in trading on Tuesday. Since the beginning of this year, their cost has dropped by 43%.

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