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Trump surprised Biden picks Harris as the vice-presidential candidate

Trump surprised Biden picks Harris as the vice-presidential candidate

US President Donald Trump said he was surprised by Joe Biden's decision to elect Kamala Harris as the country's vice-presidential candidate.

“I'm surprised he chose her,” he said at a press conference at the White House.

Trump recalled that Harris failed in the Democratic primaries, which, according to the US President, is “a kind of poll.”

Trump also noted that Harris is “far-left” and therefore called Biden's choice “not a very smart move.” He recalled that Harris “wants to raise taxes, reduce the military budget, she opposes hydraulic fracturing (a technique used to extract shale gas).” In addition, the president criticized her for her reluctance to develop private medicine and for her desire to do nothing to curb illegal immigration to the United States.

Finally, in explaining why he found Biden's decision surprising, Trump recalled that during the Democratic primaries in the debate, Harris actively criticized her opponent and addressed him with no respect.

Earlier, Biden, who later in August will be officially nominated as the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, said that if he wins elections in November, he will appoint Senator Kamala Harris as vice president.

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