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A UN team has arrived in Mauritius to help clean up the oil spill

Off the coast of Mauritius, work continues to eliminate the consequences of a fuel spill from an emergency vessel. This is reported by the local newspaper Express.

Specialists use pumps to pump out the remaining fuel onboard the ship to avoid further leakage. It is expected that under favorable conditions, all fuel will be pumped out by Wednesday. at the moment, there are about 800 tons of oil products left.

The authorities of Mauritius fear that the emergency vessel may collapse at any moment, which will lead to even more fuel spills.

On Tuesday, a team of UN experts arrived in the island state to provide assistance. In a statement, the UN office in Mauritius said that experts "will provide support to minimize the impact of the oil spill on natural resources and the population."

France has previously sent about 20 tons of technical equipment, including booms and pumping equipment, as an aid.

The Japanese vessel MV Wakashio ran aground off the coast of Mauritius on July 25, with an oil leak starting last week. The ship landed on Pointed reef'Eni, which is famous for its beaches, colorful reefs, and rare animal reserves.

A number of media outlets published photos taken from the air, which show huge polluted areas of the ocean. Thousands of volunteers are helping in the aftermath of the spill.

Prime Minister of Mauritius Pravind Jugnauth said that the country is threatened by an environmental disaster.

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