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Lebanon records record increase in coronavirus cases

Lebanon records record increase in coronavirus cases

A record increase in coronavirus cases was recorded in Lebanon after the explosion in the port of Beirut and mass protests. This was reported by the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

In particular, over the past day, 309 people with infection have been identified in the country, which has become the largest daily increase for all time. Seven more coronavirus patients have died. In total, 7.1 thousand cases were registered in the country, of which 87 died.

Previously, experts admitted the possibility of an outbreak of coronavirus in Beirut due to overcrowded city hospitals after the explosion in the port.

A powerful explosion occurred in the port of Beirut on the evening of 4 August. It caused damage to many quarters of the city, and the Russian embassy was also hit by a blast wave. At least 300 thousand people lost their homes, more than 150 people died, about four thousand were injured. The reason was almost 3 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate, which was confiscated back in 2014.

On August 8, mass protests began in the city. Their participants rioted and broke into five government buildings: the Foreign Ministry, the ministries of economy, energy and the environment, and the Lebanese bank association. Only at night did the security forces manage to take control of the situation in Beirut. Hundreds of people were injured, one policeman was killed.

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