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Turkey sent warships to protect the research vessel

Turkey sent warships to protect the research vessel

The research vessel Oruc Reis will be escorted and protected by five warships.

Five warships of the Turkish Navy were sent to guard the Oruc Reis seismic survey vessel, which sailed into the eastern Mediterranean to search and explore for hydrocarbon deposits. This was reported by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense on Twitter.

“The Turkish Navy is escorting and protecting the research vessel Oruc Reis as part of its activities in the area of Turkish jurisdiction in the Black Sea,” the ministry said.

The Turkish Navy has also expressed its determination to protect the rights and interests of Turkey in the region in accordance with international law.

The Turkish vessel Oruc Reis, designed for seismic geological exploration, sailed to the Cyprus region in order to search for hydrocarbon deposits in the eastern Mediterranean. Greece expressed dissatisfaction with such actions, to which Turkey declared its readiness to react decisively to the situation in the eastern Mediterranean. President Recep Erdogan invited the Mediterranean countries to find an acceptable “formula” for resolving disputes.

As reported, Turkey decided to drill offshore in the Mediterranean Sea despite the protests of Greece.

In July, President Recep Erdogan proposed to suspend geological exploration in the Mediterranean Sea to discuss the conflict over the island of Kastelorizo with Greece.

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