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Belarusian authorities intend to completely disconnect communications and impose a curfew

Against the background of the protests that began on Sunday, August 9, the Belarusian authorities are planning to completely cut off communications in the country and introduce a curfew. The Telegram channel “Mustache Lukashenko" informs about it, noting that the information is unconfirmed.

So, it is noted that a meeting of the Security Council was convened at 17:00.

“From 18:00 on 11.08 — a disconnection of communication completely, from 12.08 — curfew. The information is unconfirmed,” the channel said.

The Telegram channel “Belarus | Bear Cub” also reported about the disconnection of the signal from 18:00.

It should be noted that earlier, own sources in Minsk reported that a complete disconnection of communication is planned in Belarus from 16:00, but later this information was not confirmed.

Let us remind you that mass protests in Belarus began on Sunday evening, August 9, after the results of the national exit poll were announced, according to which the current president of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, won. Thus, on the evening of August 9, in the capital of the country, Minsk, clashes between protesters and riot police began. The main streets were closed off.

Eyewitnesses reported that law enforcement officers used flash grenades, rubber bullets, and water cannons to disperse protesters. It is known about the wounded and detained.

On the night of August 10-11, protests continued. An explosion took place on Prititsky Street in Minsk, as a result of which one of the protesters died.

The protesters were reported to have launched Molotov cocktails and began erecting barricades...

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