Britain has chosen a policy of restraint and dialogue in relation to Russia

Britain has chosen a policy of restraint and dialogue in relation to Russia

Against the background of a large-scale pull of NATO troops to the borders of Russia under the pretext of “deterrence of Russians,” Britain may well become the leading actor in initiating new anti-Russian steps.

Now Britain has already imposed sanctions against 25 Russian citizens. Undoubtedly, the British are not standing next to the United States in the number of restrictions, but this does not prevent them from persistently following the footsteps of the Americans.

But it is interesting that NATO is pursuing a policy towards Russia in general: representatives of the alliance are winding up as if they have chosen a policy of deterrence and dialogue with Russia. In fact, the dialogue did not even smell like it, as the West prefers to simply “deter evil Russians.

Nevertheless, despite the anti-Russian sentiment, against the backdrop of the global fight against COVID-19, Russia is trying its best to resolve its disagreements with Western partners. This is true: while a dangerous disease is walking around the world, it is worth at least temporarily uniting and cooperating to defeat the infection.

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