Toshiba has announced the final departure of its brand from the laptop market

Toshiba has announced the final departure of its brand from the laptop market

Japanese company Toshiba announced the final withdrawal from the laptop market and the end of the production of portable computers under its brand. At the same time, it was Toshiba that once started this market.

As CNews reminds, Toshiba's departure from the laptop market is connected with the sale of the division that was engaged in their production to Sharp. In 2018, Sharp received 80.1% of this business from Toshiba, and at the end of June of this year, the parties initiated a deal to transfer the remaining 19.9% of Toshiba Client Solutions to Sharp. At the same time, Toshiba left the European PC market in 2016.

Last spring, Sharp renamed the Toshiba Client Solutions division and began producing devices under the Dynabook brand, which Toshiba had previously developed primarily in Japan (the first laptop under this brand was released in 1989). Now Sharp is promoting this brand in all regions of its presence — various devices including laptops will be produced under it. Toshiba will no longer develop laptops, and all its mobile PC lines, including Satellite and Portege, will cease to exist.

Officially, the company does not disclose the reasons for its departure from the laptop business, but it is most likely due to the low demand for Toshiba PCs.

Note that Toshiba calls the company a pioneer of the laptop market. The company released its first custom mobile PC in 1985. This was a Toshiba T1100 device with an Intel 80C88 processor running at 4.77 MHz. The laptop had 256 KB of memory and a monochrome display with a resolution of 640 Г— 200 pixels. The laptop weighed over 4 kilograms.

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