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A “secret Nazi ship” was found off the coast of Antarctica

A “secret Nazi ship” was found off the coast of Antarctica

On the Google satellite map, a “122-meter ship” was found, located 160 kilometers from the coast of Antarctica.

Netizens decided that this was a secret Nazi ship. An anonymous user was studying a map of Antarctica and noticed a giant block of ice, similar in shape to a cruise liner.

He told about his discovery in a video posted on the YouTube platform. “The ice ship, if you can call it that, is a 122-meter yacht that rests off the coast of Antarctica,” he said.

The “ice ship” video went viral, garnering tens of thousands of views. Commentators began to speculate on who the ship might have belonged to. Several users claimed that the Nazis built a secret military base on Antarctica, and the ship remained after world war II.
“Remember, I already told you that Hitler had an underground base in Antarctica dealing with extraterrestrial beings,” wrote another user under the nickname Galaxy Malachi.

Some commentators were led to think about ancient civilizations by the satellite map image. “We must pay more attention to this continent. It wasn't always covered in ice,” Stable Stoic claimed. Other commentators did not put forward theories and simply admired the unusual find: “Wow, the ship there is something amazing!!!»

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