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The world leader in the rate of incidence of COVID has changed

In India on Sunday, August 9, more than 62 thousand cases of coronavirus were detected. This is an anti-record.

The US and Brazil lost ground in the lead in coronavirus infection in favor of India, which ranked third on the list.

In total, 2.2 million people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in India. The total number of cases in the United States, Brazil, and India is more than 10 million.

Note that in India, an anti-record for infections was again noted — the day before, more than 62 thousand cases were detected there. According to the Indian Ministry of Health, the country has recorded higher daily incidence rates in the past six days than in the United States and Brazil.

At the same time, over the past day, the number of people infected in Brazil has increased by 23 thousand. In total, the virus was detected in 3 million Brazilians, 70% of them have already recovered, another 815.9 thousand people are active carriers of the virus.

In total, there are already more than 19.8 million infected in the world, 731 thousand people have died from the consequences of the infection.

In a number of countries, the state of emergency is being extended and the mask regime is returning. However, some states are gradually relaxing restrictions, subject to close monitoring of the situation.

As reported, New York, which has suffered the most from the infection, will now be allowed to enter after being tested for coronavirus.

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