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British bank Barclays convicted of spying on employees

British bank Barclays convicted of spying on employees

The British regulator initiated a check against the Barclays bank — it is reported that the organization's management has used special software for a year and a half to monitor the activities of employees, subsequently switching to spying on specific people. Barclays was reportedly criticized three years ago for using the OccupEye program, which can track the time a person spends at their workplace.

The UK Information Commissioner's Office has launched an investigation into Barclays, which used software to spy on employees. This is reported by The Daily Telegraph.

The Sapience program allowed management to track how long Barclays employees were away from the workplace and how long it took them to complete certain tasks.

This continued for a year and a half until February 2020. Then the bank abandoned the idea of collecting anonymized data and switched to spying on specific employees. After this story became known to the press, Barclays returned to collect anonymous information.

“People expect their privacy to remain intact, including what happens in the workplace. If organizations want to control their employees, they must clearly understand the purpose of such surveillance and be sure that it will bring real benefits. Also, the employer must notify employees about the nature, scope, and reasons for monitoring their activities, “- said the official representative of the ICO.

It is known that in 2017, Barclays already faced criticism for the use of tracking software. It was a system called OccupEye that monitored the time people spent at their desks.

Then the company assured its employees that sensors do not measure their productivity, but analyze the efficiency of workspace use in order to be able to further reduce office costs.

According to psychology professor Carey Cooper, companies that take such steps are required to explain to workers in great detail the reason for installing any tracking devices.

“Lack of communication can lead to rumors and misunderstandings,” says the psychologist.

In February 2019, information appeared that the social network Facebook maintains a separate list of people who may pose a threat to the company — these users are being monitored, including tracking their geolocation.

To get into BOLO, it is enough to publish a comment with threats under the publication of social network management, for example, CEO Mark Zuckerberg or COO Sherrill Sandberg. Sometimes the list includes people who have been sending provocative emails to the company for an extended period.

The company reportedly does not have a clear protocol on what is considered a real threat, so decisions are made based on specific circumstances. However, some Facebook employees believe that the measures that include spying on potential attackers are excessive, and compare them to the “Big Brother” from the dystopia.

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