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This is not an attempt to bring down the president: Trump spoke about investigations against him

Trump once again sharply criticized Mueller’s investigation

Photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

U.S. President Donald Trump does not intervene in checking the circumstances of the start of an investigation of US intelligence services aimed at him in 2016. With such assurance, the American leader spoke to reporters.

He was asked to comment on publications in the American press that the said check had now turned into a criminal proceeding. He is led by special prosecutor John Durham. He, for example, finds out on what grounds the American competent authorities launched a counter-intelligence investigation into Trump's actions in 2016. In addition, Durham clarifies the circumstances of the beginning of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller.

“We have a wonderful Minister of Justice — Attorney General. I can’t tell you what’s going on. I’ll say the following: I think you’ll see a lot of bad things. Many people know that they have problems because they behaved dishonestly. Again, I leave it all to the discretion of the Minister of Justice, Attorney General William Barr, as well as those who work with him and with whom I am not familiar. I will say the following: I think you will see something that no one would believe in, “Trump said.

At the same time, he once again sharply criticized Mueller’s investigation. “It was the most serious swindle in the history of our country,” said the head of the US administration, representing the Republican Party.

From Trump’s point of view, Mueller’s investigation and the actions taken by the US Democratic Party in this regard were directed not just against him personally, but against the Republicans as a whole. “This is not an attempt to overthrow the president, this is an attempt to overthrow the Republican Party. Frankly, the Democrats should be ashamed,” the American leader said.

“As you know, this issue (about the circumstances of the start of the investigation against Trump) has been considered for a long time. And, as far as I hear, the case is taking a very serious turn. We need to investigate the actions of those who conducted the investigation of Muller, whether it was former FBI employee Peter Strzhok, his colleague Lisa Page, ex-director of national intelligence James Klapper, former head of the FBI James Komi — all these people, because something terrible happened to our country, ” the owner of the White House added.

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